Two minutes: slow jogging, deep breathing, slowly returning down the hill.

One minute: madly sprinting up the same hill, lungs screaming, legs angry, sweat drenching.

Two minutes: slow jogging, deep breathing, slowly returning down the hill.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

It’s unreasonable and ridiculous.

I do that because of fifty girls.

I can run.

And you. You can be a part of something beautiful, something redemptive, to all those girls.

You can do something.

What will you do? What unreasonable and ridiculous thing will you attempt?

It’s unreasonable and ridiculous to think that we can raise $50,000.

Because 50 girls.

by Catherine Sylvester

About Catherine Sylvester

First of all, I was kind of lost.

John (pictured above) was that human being last Saturday who helped me become not lost.

And I am convinced that he will.

We’re way out on the unpaved trails, friends, and I am finding it exhilarating.

In it together, friends.


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  • So, the Rim-to-Rim For Eyes that See Challenge.

    The one where we’re trying to raise $50,000.

    But in my conversations with myself, sometimes I think…

    We still have over half left. 

    You are going to vertically climb one mile, after running 18 miles, in 100 degrees. 

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    I really am a lunatic, and not in the good way. 

    This was a fun idea, but how in the world will it ever happen?

    In it together, friends.



    by Mike Friesen

    No matter what we do we cannot escape the fact that we want to love and to be loved.

    Millennials, we (I know this as one of you) feel it when we are disconnected from others.

    Older generations, you feel it when you are disconnected from us.

    Millennials, what would it look like if we reached out our hands again?

    Older generations, what would it look like if you reached out your hands?

    May we remember the words and prayer of Jesus,

    by Mike Friesen

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  • And then.

    He reached down and plucked me out of that ocean.

    He took hold of me.

    He drew me out of that death and carried me.

    Exhausted, sputtering and shivering, I fought at first, thinking I was still drowning.

    And when he looked at me, I realized he was a rascal.

    And then he pointed that stick at me, and asked if I wanted to play.

    And I said yes.

    So here’s to the Rascal who rescues.

    I can’t change the world. It’s too big.

    But there were two girls, and we helped them.

    These two women are now best friends who dream of opening up a bakery together.

    OK, I lied. I can change the world. But we need to do it together.

    Who’s with me?


    Trips are just like that, except for everything.

    And then it happened.


    “Ligey crawled into Ben’s bed and started punching him, and now Ben is really crying.”

    So I took the six-year-old back down into his basement prison/bedroom, and began asking questions.

    “Ligey, did you crawl into Ben’s bed and beat him senseless?”

    “No, Isaac did.”

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    “I did not! I did not!”

    “What consequence, dad?” The six year old adroitly wondered.

    Stay classy, parents of small children. In it together.

    The waves are growing. The heat is intensifying. You wonder if it’s worth it.

    You wonder if you’re the only one.

    But mostly, you wonder what in the world you’re supposed to do next.

    And God will meet you on that road.

    In it together, friends.

    by Sarah Siders

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